Our mission

Redefine recruiting for technology roles by creating a new online job marketplace where candidates and employers connect:

  • Candidates deserve the best experience while exploring new career opportunities. We reduce the noise by only contacting them for relevant opportunities. We establish a relationship while offering resources and advice throughout the entire process. From the very first contact, through the interview process, and beyond their onboarding, avansai is there to help them adjust to their new roles.
  • Clients need to meet with their potential candidates quickly before losing them to competing offers. Avansai uses technologies to surface only relevant candidates who are qualified technically and culturally for their open positions. While our technologies make us the fastest to identify the best candidates, we focus on building a relationship with our clients, providing resources and advice to optimize their internal hiring process.

In providing a better experience to both sides we know that we can fix the industry and the frustrations that come with it.

There’s a better way, Avansai

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It all started when our founders and lifelong best friends, Corey Demberg and Jason Levy found themselves at a professional crossroads. After a combined 13+ years in the IT recruitment industry Corey and Jason noticed many issues and frustrations that weren’t being addressed.

In order to create change in an industry they needed to do what they’ve done for most of their career and ask for feedback from the market. Digging into what currently works, what doesn’t and asking themselves how they could create a better experience for their partners. This passion to constantly improve through feedback is what drives avansai.

After all our research and insights, the best way forward was to leverage technology and relationships. Our founders are on a journey to create the winning recipe to offer a better service than the traditional recruitment experience.

We invite you to join us for a better way forward